Periodontal Disease Claims

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Gum and Periodontal Disease Claims

Any web page addressing the subject of “what is gum disease” will always be a compromise. There are many conditions that may be described as gum disease. Each one has its own causes and its own cure. In most cases these conditions are relatively straightforward to deal with and they are unlikely to have a big impact on your oral health. In some cases though periodontal disease claims may be justified.

The good news then, is that in most cases, gum disease is temporary.

However, it is also right and proper to state that simple gum disease or “gingivitis” if not treated can develop into periodontitis. Periodontitis is a much more signficant disease. Again left untreated, it can result in the loss of bone material in your jaw and the permanent loss of teeth.

Your ally in the fight against periodontal disease is your dentist. They should see the disease developing. They should give you clear advice about oral health. They should take action to halt the disease and they should refer you to a specialist if necessary. Sadly sometimes, none of this happens…

Periodontal Disease Claims. No win no fee.

What are the Symptoms of Periodontal Disease?

If you have untreated periodontitis, then you may also suffer repeated dental infection and abscess formation. You may have receding gums and loose teeth. You may have blood present in your rinsing after brushing and you may well have foul breath.

What is a Periodontal Disease Claim?

Generally, periodontal disease claims break down into 2 separate sections. First there is a breach of duty claim. That essentially is an allegation that the Dentist with responsibility for your dental health has not spotted or treated the disease. That is usually demonstrated by a review of the records, these records rarely show a long history of suitable advice and they always show a history of restorations and extractions – none of which tipped off the dentist that there may be something else at stake.

The second part of the periodontal disease claims is to compensate you for the historical damage that this lack of attention has probably caused. Typically these injuries and losses can go back 10-20 years. They include things such as – lost teeth, repeated infections and the costs associated with dental implants and root canal treatments.

The Damage that this Breach of Duty Causes…

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What Should a Dentist be Doing About Periodontal Disease?

​A dentist will perform a series of checks on our gum health every time that we go for a check up. this will involve probing the gums to test for its integrity. This probing results in a score for each section of our gums and gives the dentist an overall view of the health of gums and whether or not it is improving or deteriorating.  This scoring and examination process  will enable the dentist to help us by providing suitable advice or with specialist cleaning etc and keep this may keep the disease at bay. However, if your dentist fails to spot the early indication of the disease,  it can lead to deterioration and ultimately, severe injury.  Periodontal disease, unless treated, can lead to tooth loss and to other conditions such as heart problems and systemic infection. If you believe that you have suffered or are suffering periodontal disease and your dentist has not picked up on this then you may have a claim. Get in contact for a free assessment. 

Is a periodontal claim worth doing?

The British Periodontal Examination is frankly just the starting point for a Dental Surgeon who wants to keep an eye on  your gum health. Non Negligent Surgeons should also be considering regular bite wing radiography and if they have the facility a full OPG image of your mouth. They may even wish to consider specialist periodontal consultant referral.  From a Claims perspective of cause, Dental Solicitors will be on the look out for these things having been missed in your dental history. However, all dental claim clients should be aware that Dental Claims are not easily won, ultimately, there is a reliance that you the patient will have done everything you could to have avoided the disease, it is for this reason that Solicitors find the Courts are prepared to make awards that have been reduced if you have missed or refused treatment or you a regular smoker etc. These are issues often manipulated by Defendant Dental Lawyers. 

Does it matter that I smoke?

Yes. It always always always matters that you smoke. There is nothing about smoking that is of any good whatsoever. However, it will not invalidate your claim. It may, though, impact how much you get.

I cannnot remember who my dentist was?

Most people cannot remember who their dentist was even a few weeks after a visit. If you remember the surgery we are half way there. If you remember the town, we might be able to trace records. If you were a NHS patient then it is possible the NHS business authority (who pays most of your bills) may have a registration for you. Call us to find out.

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