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Our Members agree a simple promise, that they will never charge a client more than 20% of winnings and if they lose they will never charge a penny. No Insurance charges, no catches, no small print.

We are only too aware that the systems that Hospitals have in place for complaints and for conflict resolution seem to be designed to: disagree, diminish and deny all responsiblitliy. We also know how difficult it is to make the next step to instruct a no win no fee claim lawyer.

Our members are not like other Solicitors. They are all members of the Law Society Medical Negligence Specialist Panel. They are committed to medical actions and to reforming the process to make it easier for patients who have ended up on the wrong side of medicine.

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What Happened to Legal Aid? Is “No Win No Fee” Better?

To a no win no fee claim medical Solicitor, time is literally money. However, the days are long past when a client with a clinical or dental claim expected to pay a lawyer by the hour. Rightly so. Every medical negligence or dental negligence claim our members now process is run on a “no win no fee” basis. This means that they charge nothing if the claim loses and 20% of your damages (compensation) if you win.  No catches. All you have to do is see the claim through to the end. If you win – you win and if you lose you just walk away.

Is there any risk to bringing a legal claim?

Any legal action that is supported by one of our Solicitor members will be vigorously vetted before it is accepted. Once accepted the action will commence “investigation only”. That means that whilst there is technically a live legal claim, the Defendants are not formally on notice. Any specific allegations in the claim have not yet been formally pleaded to them. Only once there has been a full investigation of the facts, will a claim follow. Only then, if there is a report supporting the action by a clinician will there follow a letter of claim. Our members do not engage in speculative claims or nuisance claims.

Is No Win No Fee better than legal aid? Well, funding a legal claim has certainly become more confusing. A “No Win No Fee” agreement until recently used to mean that a Solicitor would make no deductions and expect no payments at by the clients. Now, regrettably, things have changed. The Cameron Conservative government was very friendly toward city underwriters. This meant the law surrounding funding legal claims has since changed to their benefit. Legal Aid has also now practically gone for 99.9% of claims. Now, everyone has to give a little of their compensation for legal fees if they win. Its a myth though, that legal aid made lawyers free, it was always “means tested” – some contribution to fees by the litigant was due at the end of the case and how much depended upon your income.

In that regard then there is little difference between legal aid cases and no win no fee (depending on your income) for most people.

This of course often comes as a shock to those involved in a legal action against a Hospital or a large NHS Trust. They have expert teams of lawyers who defend seemingly the indefensible and string out claims for years rather than settling them sensibly and quickly.  

Funding a Claim

Our panel Solicitors all have to agree the same transparent and fair funding agreement. They can never charge you more than 20% of your winnings. They cannot pass on insurance charges. If you lose the claim, there is no charges at all. The best lawyers and the best deal!

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