Medical negligence solicitors near me

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Are there any medical negligence solicitors near me? We are a Panel of Specialist Lawyers. Where we are based is not the same as where our members are: however, we do have two bases. One is based in the North of England in York, historically the centre of the North but we also have a base in the City of London which covers the South.

We consider the South to be all locations below Northampton but if your confused dont worry – either number will get you assistance and a local specialist will contact you even if you pick the wrong one! In Short we have a national presence and help people all over the UK.

The Medical Negligence Panel offers a complete nationwide service and we receive 1000s of calls a month from people across the UK. Our Members are able to deal with everything via email and telephone, and can arrange to meet up face to face in the event that your case is accepted and taken forward by our legal team. What sets us apart is that our customer service genuinely will put you first.

Why choose the Medical Negligence Panel to fight your medical legal case?

  • Qualified legal experts in your area ✓
  • No Win, No Fee agreement ✓
  • Highest-rated Panel Solicitors ✓

How can I find a medical negligence solicitor near me?

If you have a claim against either a private doctor, a dentist or an NHS trust in your area, you can proceed with peace of mind, knowing that you won’t have to pay a penny out of your pocket. Any charges will be a maximum of 20% of your compensation and will not apply until your case is settled. If your claim fails there is no charge – at all!

What if you do not have a specialist lawyer near me?

No matter where you are or what type of claim you have all of our members have to agree to the same service standards and funding agreements. if that means we travel to Alnwick or to Canterbury then so be it – niether your nor your claim will suffer.