Medical Negligence Solicitor

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I am a medical negligence solicitor and I choose my cases carefully and proceed with them diligently. I am a professional Independant Consultant Medical Solicitor. I do not take other claim types and I am not a “jack of all trades” that is the real and genuine Truth behind my legal services.

Medical Negligence Solicitor – Mr Graham Gregory Balmforth

Solicitor Advocate BA, DipFMS, Msc (F.Med)

Hi, I am a fully qualfied Medical Negligence Solicitor with membership of the Law Society specialst Clinical Negligence Panel. I am a dual qualified Solicitor and Barrister with my call to the Bar of England and Wales at Lincolns Inn dating to 1998. I have therefore been operating as a Medical Solicitor for over 23 years. I am an active member of the Leeds and West Yorkshire Medical Legal Society and have previously held memberships and managment positons in the other medical associations and organisations including the Royal Medical Society, The Institute of Medical Ethics, The London Medico-Legal Society, The Academy of Forensic Medical Sciences, The International Bar Association and the Solicitors Higher Courts Advocacy Association.

I also hold forensic medical qualifications from both Glasgow University and from the UK Academy of Forensic Medicine in association with the Italian University of Verona. My academic interests in medicine extend into both published articles concerning facial and sensory injury and collaborative work in post mortem patholgy. I have particular and extensive experience in Dental Surgical Negligence but also Maxillo Facial injury and general Surgical error. I have however, very wide experience in Medical, Surgical and Dental claims of all types.

Medical and Clinical Negligence Claim Types

Medical Solicitor – Surgical Claims

Medical Solicitor – Dental Claims

Medical Solicitor – Medical Claims

Medical Solicitor – Cosmetic Claims.

Brief History

Orange Law Limited (2020 – ongoing)
Director; Solicitor Advocate and Signatory to the Law-Med Medical Negligence Panel.

Applebys Solicitors (2008 – 2020)
Head of Clinical Negligence and Signatory to the Law-Med Medical Negligence Panel.

Barrister 1998-2012
Barrister both independant and in employed practice for a number of firms in both general civil negligence; personal injury and clinical – professional claims.