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Untreated heart failure has catastrophic consequences, If symptoms persist for more than 15 minutes, the cells of the heart muscle start to die off. Every second counts. If you believe you or a loved one has a Heart surgery claim in negligence then contact today for a free claims assessment.

The Heart is simply a muscle, it works as and is reffered to as a pump but its essential to remember that is a living muscle and has its own blood supply.

A heart attack happens when a complete blockage forms in an artery that supplies blood to your heart (a coronary artery). Blockages are caused by a disease process throughout the arteries in your body called atherosclerosis. This process occurs where fat cells build up in the arteries. This leads to fatty “plaques” narrowing the arteries, leaving less room for blood to flow. Occasionally they break free of the artery wall and flow with the blood until they become lodged. This then cuts off the blood flow behind them. When blood flow is cut off, this is called ischemia. It stands to reason therefore, that any delay in treatment or mismanagement of the condition, is likely to result in a serious deterioration .

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Heart Surgery Claim?

It is generally regarded that to go to the hospital and be told that you are not having a heart attack is not wasting anybodies time. Staying home and suffering heart failure without doing anything is far more of a problem, if you are lucky enough to survive but require major surgery. To receive the best care, you have about 90 minutes from the onset of the heart attack for an interventional surgeon to restore the flow of blood to the heart before critical heart tissue dies or is damaged beyond repair.

Not all attacks are capable of being treated effectively but today your chances of surviving a heart attack are greater than ever.

What Can Go Wrong in Coronary Care?

Usually nothing, however, problems frequently arise in the stage before cardiologist intervention. This may be because hospital policy is for presenting cases with a suspicion of heart failure are subject to a electronic heart trace being performed and interpreted by someone who just misreads the results or doesn’t spot the problem. Occasionally it may be that that the first trace is not demonstrating a problem but symptoms persist and a second scan is not performed. Whatever the reason, failure to get the patient before an interventionist can be the difference between life and death.

Heart Surgery Claim. A Claim on behalf of the Deceased?

The law with reference to a deceased claimant is not particularly suited to being best explained on a web page. However, in brief these actions fall into two catagories.

  1. Those where a claim is brought on behalf of the deceased him or herself.
  2. Those where a claim is brought on behalf of the dependents.

Only a full discussion with a Solicitor will properly reveal what type of claim to bring and what the potential entitlements are.

Usually the first type of claim is brought for the death itself and any pain and suffering associated with it. The second type typically is about the loss to the family and those people who were or were entitled to be dependent upon the deceased.

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