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Diabetic injury claim? What are the associated failures…

These claims tend to fall into 3 categories, those that involve a delay or failure to diagnose the condition, those that involve a failure to refer onward for more specialist care and those where specialist practitioners have erred and or not taken the severity of the situation into full account.   Contact us to to discuss if you have a compensatable diabetic injury claim or even if you believe that your care has been substandard.

As a consequence of the work of the Diabetic Unit, we have gathered a great deal of expertise in ​ophthalmic and optical claims.

In particular actions for delay in treatment of detached retina,  misdiagnosis of intra-ocular pressure and subsequent vision distortion / defect,  premature or avoidable partial vision loss,  blindness or other permanent vision defects.


Breaking down the sections of diabetic injury is no easy task. Ultimately many of the injuries associated with diabetes are those that can cover all of the headings in one way or another. However, the most commonly recurring issue is probably delay. This can be a delay in making a referral, especially to ophthalmic or foot care but could also be a delay to appropriately diagnose and medicate.

Failure to Refer

The issue of onward care usually occurs at the primary care level. In other words, it is usually a failure of the GP to recognise the seriousness of symptoms. In many ways this is a delay action that never occurred. Usually and sadly, something goes wrong before the referral is made. The resultant diabetic injury claim was entirely avoidable.


Diabetes is a chronic illness that requires significant continuing primary medical care as well as good patient self-management. It is also necessary for primary care givers to ensure that the patient is educated to prevent acute complications. This will also help avoid or reduce the risk of long-term problems.

There is no doubt that diabetes care is complex and requires that many issues, beyond glycemic control, be addressed. Failure to account for changes in condition and or risk, is likely to bring about a poor perhaps even catastrophic outcome resulting even in avoidable amputation.


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