Cosmetic Dental Negligence

Claim in Cosmetic Dental Negligence…

Nobody can afford to waste money on expensive dental procedures that are not going to last. The pursuit of these perfect smile treatments then, can turn into a Cosmetic dental negligence claim which can be a traumatic experience.Pursuing a dental cosmetic negligence claim can result in compensation for pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment as well as treatment costs to put things right.

You will also recieve expenses and refunds for what has gone wrong, enabling you to pay for any further treatment required due to the negligence you have suffered, and helping to ease the pain and suffering of your ordeal. There may also be future costs to cope with in any dental cosmetic negligene claim. The fact that your corrective treatments will require both a fee for annual maintanence is not unique to cosmetic claims but for future treatment for such things as implants and crowns that may also need replacing. It is crucial that you have an expert identify these costs or you may seriously under settle your claim.

What Are Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Common treatments

  • crown and bridgework issues
  • dental surgical gum re-contouring
  • cosmetic veneers (including composite veneers)
  • Cosmetic bleaching/tooth whitening/polishing
  • replacements for amalgam fillings
  • implants and associated treatments.

If we publish a list of cosmetic dental surgical techniques and cosmetic problems or failures associated with cosmetic devices that it will be almost instantly out of date. If you have undertaken a procedure that is not listed below and you suspect Dental cosmetic negligence call we will almost certainly be able to assist.  If you get lost among this detail just return to the dental negligence homepage and you will be able to find your way again.

What Goes Wrong in Cosmetic Dentistry?

The biggest single contributor to Cosmetic Dental Negligence Compensation is the presence of a psychiatric or psychological injury. These are separate injuries within dental cosmetic negligence and frequently take the form in the patient of a change in personality or in behavior.

These behavioral changes often accompany a bout of depression. For Dental Claims on a No Win No Fee basis they often mean two very important things. Firstly they significantly raise the value of the claim and secondly they inevitably mean that further medical evidence is required in the form of a psychiatric or psychological report.

This often means a claim is slowed down but rightly so as the value and the importance of the claim considerably increases.

For the patient who has suffered cosmetic dental negligence, the damage is more important that compensation. The treatments are ruinious to thier lives, changing thier social orientation and making them a recluse in thier own homes.

Cosmetic Dental Negligence Frequently Asked Questions…

Few areas of dental negligence derive as many questions concerning the technicalities of surgery as cosmetic dental negligence and within dental negligence there are few specialisms that demand so much in terms of expert evidence. It is little wonder that enquiries surrounding cosmetic surgery of any kind take time.

Can I get on with getting my teeth fixed or should I stop treatment

Generally no lawyer, at least no good lawyer, is likely to ask you to pause treatment while they undertake their work, however, it is the case that they will typically advise you to have a good set of notes prepared if you change your treatment provider. it is simply best to have the current position preserved both in the clinical records and by photos and radiology (x-rays) this is not usually a problem as ultimately radiology is necessary for the planning stage of any treatment. It must be accepted as early as possible that the Cosmetic Dental Negligence you have suffered and the treatment you need are not on the same pathway. Of course, it may be you need the money from the claim to put things right, however, if you can you should not bank on that funding.

Will I have to go to another dentist to get a report done?

In Cosmetic Dental Negligence, eventually it is likely that you will have to attend an expert so that they can look at the damage done and then assess how much it is going to cost to put this write. It is appreciated that you already no doubt, have a dentist you trust who will do this, however, the reports necessary are very complex and have to be prepared in a way that is acceptable to the courts. Not every dentist can do this and it is a science of its own. Dental – Legal experts are few and far between and in Cosmetic Dental Negligence claims it would be foolish to try and avoid their services.

Will my teeth be fixed as part of the claim

Ultimately, you are free to have you treatment done, or not done if you wish with the compensation that the claim brings. Most people opt to have a few years off cosmetic treatment post recovery and this is perfectly understandable. Nor are you obliged to have that treatment done at the Defendant surgery – you may have work done wherever and whenever you please, or not at all. Cosmetic Dental Negligence can effect the way that people see dental treatment – it can change priorities forever.

Will the claim cost me anything?

Law Med Panel members will charge you 20% of the recovered compensation, they will never charge you more than that and they will never charge you for insurance. Your claim will be run by a Solicitor and not a unqualified clerk or paralegal (litigation executives as they are sometimes called).

How much is a Cosmetic Dental Negligence claim worth?

It is no easy thing to say at the outset how much any claim will settle for, anyone who tries is simply oversimplifying. A typical claim involving several teeth / implants and replacment cycles may be £20-30,000 but similarly a simple claim may be worth as little as £5000.


Our panel Solicitors all have to agree the same transparent and fair funding agreement. They can never charge you more than 20% of your winnings and cannot pass on insurance charges. If you lose the claim, there is no charges at all. The best lawyers and the best deal.

Cosmetic Dental Negligence and Implant Claims..

Implant Claims cross many areas of specialist practice. They are typically used in cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of the smile by allowing the dental surgeon to neatly position crowns for the maximum effect. In restorative dentistry they are the treatment of choice to replace missing teeth or badly decayed teeth and they can prevent tooth drifting from position and also slow or even stop underlying bone loss.

1. Cosmetic Dental – Tooth Whitening

The natural colour of our teeth varies greatly from person to person. In addition, our lifestyle can also have an impact. Tea, coffee and red wine are all known to cause staining when consumed on a regular basis, as is smoking tobacco. Professional tooth whitening by a dentist is much more effective than using a home whitening kit, and is also by far the safer option. Rarely does Tooth Whitening form a basis for a claim in Cosmetic Dental Negligence alone. It can form part of a wider range of treatments.

2. Cosmetic Veneers

Veneers are very similar to false nails, except that they last much longer and are usually completely invisible. A custom-made wafer-thin layer of porcelain is applied to the front of the tooth to restore its natural shape. The veneer is especially coloured to be as close as possible to your natural teeth. Typically Cosmetic Dental Negligence claims arise as a consequence of poor colour matching, failed installation and chipping.

3. Cosmetic Dental Crowns

For a single missing, discoloured or damaged tooth, a crown is often the ideal option. A crown is essentially an artificial tooth that is fitted over the remaining part of the tooth and looks just like the real thing. If you are missing the entire tooth, crowns are still an option, but you may also require a dental implant. See below for more.

4. Cosmetic Dental implants

A dental implant is a replacement root usually made out of titanium, which has the unique ability to bond with the bone to give you the firmest possible mount for replacement teeth. Implants can be used to support anything from a single crown or bridge to a complete new set of teeth.

The Most Popular Cosmetic Dental Treatments

One Final Thing!

We would suggest that if you are contemplating instructing a Solicitor (in any action – not just cosmetic dental negligence) but you are a bit concerned about calling or emailing – for whatever reason, then write down every particular about what has happened to you. Put down dates and times and names of people involved. Then months from now when you change your mind and do contact a Solicitor – you will have the details. Many claims are never brought because the patients simply forget the details and are too embarrased to contact a lawyer to discuss. Get them on paper and if you never use them no harm done.

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