Please note that the information you provide will not be stored by this site. The data below will be transmitted to a Medical Panel Solicitor who will contact you directly. Any record of that transmission will be deleted within 24 hours. The Solicitor who contacts you will explain data handling on request.

By Submission you understand and authorise that the Medical panel will transmit this data to the Duty Medical Solicitor.

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Your Data and Confidentiality

We at the Panel, keep no record of your enquiry. Once you complete a contact form it is sent directly to one of our members who has a rota duty answering enquirers as a Specialist Medical Solicitor. They are not processed by the website or stored in any way by the organisation. The Solicitor who responds will be registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority and with the Law Society of England and Wales. They will also be fully registered and accredited members of the Clinical Negligence Panel and they will be members of a firm (or self employed) who have confirmed that they will abide by the rules of membership of the medical panel.

They are responsible for processing, storing or destroying your personal data, that includes any contact details and any history of events that you include together with documents or images, medical records etc. Any Solicitor member of ours must have facilities for secure storage and destruction of all this personal data and must agree that:

  1. All personal data must be held securely and must not be shared without your consent.
  2. that all copy clinical records will be destroyed on conclusion of the matter and all original documentation returned securely.
  3. That transmission of any personal data must be undertaken as an encrypted password protected file to an authorised data handler.
  4. That all obligations of compliance and enforcement provisions of the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Rules be the provision of the “Panel Solicitor”.

If contact is made by telephone, then the contact is made by diverted call to a the Duty Panel Solicitor who is on rota. There is no recording of that initial conversation and any notes regarding that enquiry are destroyed – unless the enquiry results in a instruction for a medical legal action. If there is an instruction the responsibility for any data recorded rests with the duty solicitor and not the medical panel.

We are proud that our Solicitors current average contact time is within 8 minutes of notification using our online form, however, no record is kept of your enquiry and if you have not been contacted within 24 hours, the form you forwarded will be permanently destroyed by the Panel Solicitor and you will be notified by email of the same by them. If you wish to re-contact you can using the form on the website. You can be safe in the knowledge from the outset that your data is secure.

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