A Guide To Dental Infection and Abscess

Your mouth is of course a portal to the inside of your body, it is however, in spite of this, a relatively strong safeguard against infection. Your mouth and teeth are bathed in a constant wash of saliva which is strong enough to trap and deal with most incoming infections and rarely does invading bacteriaContinue reading “A Guide To Dental Infection and Abscess”

Zopiclone Addiction and Consequent Litigation

By Graham Balmforth, LLB, DipFMS (Glasgow) M.Sc. Solicitor Advocate. It has recently been my privilege to deal with a Clinical Negligence action on behalf of a woman of substantial character, who has, in early middle age, suffered an enforced and difficult withdrawal from the drug Zopiclone. The process of that withdrawal for her has beenContinue reading “Zopiclone Addiction and Consequent Litigation”

Do Not Resuscitate Orders

Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) will be administered to patients in cardiac or respiratory arrest for the purpose of prolonging their life. Its simply that, to prolong life while other options are considered – or more likely attempted to correct an underlying cardio pulmonary fault. CPR can encompass often violent chest compression’s which can cause bruising andContinue reading “Do Not Resuscitate Orders”