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Have you have suffered as a result of negligent botulinum (Botox) injection treatment? The panel has a Botox injury claim Solicitor. Using a Solicitor it is possible to bring a no win no fee legal action against the person or clinic that applied this treatment. Botox is administered by injection directly into tissue. The Botox formulae works by preventing the release of the naturally occurring chemical “acetylcholine”. This chemical causes the muscles to contract.  In the face the appearance therefore is to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Botox is also sometimes injected into the neck, the jaw and the armpits to treat excessive sweating or even the colon to control the urgency created by bowel diseases such as crones disease and ulcerative collitus. The medical uses of the botulinum complex is still being expanded. It should be realised though, a Botox treatment is not a simple procedure and its use is strictly controlled. A Botox Injury Claim Solicitor can help you assess whether or not you have an action to bring.

There are 2 issues with these treatments that we see again and again….

First, the injection itself, a hypodermic needle is a dangerous tool in the wrong hands. Poor injection technique or bad hygiene can result in an infection being transmitted to the patient which could get out of control and form an abscess. That can kill skin cells and even muscle tissue and cause permanent scarring.

Second, there are the issues arising from the toxin itself. Too much of the toxin or poorly deployed in too small an area can cause localised swelling and a pins and needles sensation. Also it is entirely possible that the area can be subject to localised paralysis. That doesn’t sound so bad though does it? Is that really a Botox injury claim? Well ultimately, the difference it makes is dependendan on the area that is permanently frozen. So, for instance, when you talk, when you smile or frown that area will not move. That means that the look of your face will be distorted and look peculiar. It will, if it lasts, cause you to adjust how you behave, how you feel about your self and how confident you are about your appearance. Call today to speak to a Botox Injury Claim Solicitor to discuss your situation.

There are other issues with a Botox injury claim: you may suffer dribbling or slurred speech. It is possible that you also cannot eat properly or make a mess when you eat. You may even develop a lazy eye or blurred vision. Call a Botox Injury Claim Solicitor to discuss your situation.

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What is Botox Exactly?

Botox is a medicinal compound. It is made up of complex proteins which have been synthetically manufactured. The base compound is the neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. This then is often reffered to as the botulinum toxin. It’s the same parent bacteria that causes a life-threatening type of food poisoning called botulism. However, it is important not to get the two things mixed up. Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxic protein produced by that bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It is a related species but it is not Botulism.  Infection with the bacterium is what causes the disease botulism. So, they share the same parent but Botox and Botulism are different things entirely. In a cosmetic setting the Botox Injections have various brand names, such as Xeomin, Bocouture, Myobloc and Vistabel. 

The Clinics will refund you quickly if you are injured but a refund is not enough if there is an injury – only a Botox Injury Claim will recompense you fully

There are a great many solicitors out there offering no win no fee agreements for a Botox injury Claim. Not all of these firms are Botox injury claim Solicitors. Law med members have a specialism and a unique 20% deduction. This 20% applies only if you win and never anything more. If you lose, then there is nothing to pay at all. Nobody out there that we know of offers a better deal.  Below we have listed some of the frequently asked questions regarding Botox injury claims, Botox compensation and Solicitors offering the no win no fee agreement.

How Can Things Go Wrong With Botox

Since being licensed as a medical product the widespread use of Botox has seen many hundreds of thousands if not millions of clinical and cosmetic related treatments without incident. This does not mean however, that the use of the product is risk free.  It is certainly true to say that generally speaking Botox injections are safe, even with some small after effects for some users (flu-like symptoms). However, it should be recognised that significant problems may occur that require medical intervention. Any issue related to vision defects such as blurred or double vision or breathing difficulties should result in an emergency triage at your local .

Is a Botox Injury Claim Expensive – Can I Get Legal Aid?

No and No. Legal Aid is now practically defunct for claims in the civil courts for all actions except very limited claims involving birth injured children. However, most Botox and similar claims are run universally on a no win no fee agreement. What is different about law med is that your claim will have a maximum 20% deduction at the end and nothing if you lose. Most Solicitors will charge you an insurance premium as well as 25%. We can do better than this as we have access to more insurance products which are cheaper reflecting the low risk to insurers because of our experience. Call today to discuss further. 

Do I Have To Wait Until My Condition Has Improved before making a Botox injury claim?

No, it may be that your doctor advised you to wait and that in most cases is usually the answer, however, regardless of what treatment you are undergoing, it is advisable to bring an action as soon as you can. Not least because many clinics open and close in just a few months or at most a year or two. Finding the responsible insurance company is often impossible if the company has liquidated.

They made me sign a waiver to get my money back, can I still claim?

Yes, in most cases in the UK, these “blackmail” waivers are viewed very dimly by the Courts. This is especially so if you were not subject to independent legal advice.

I went to the clinic with friends and nobody is happy but they are not claiming can I still claim?

Yes, everybody is different, many people dont claim because they are scared of the conflict or the stress of the claim. Our members make the process easy.

Are all Botox injury claims successful

No, sometimes a problem can occur with Botox and its nobodies fault, after all injecting a complex toxin into your face is rarely going to be entirely without risk. However, these cases are rare, often if something has gone wrong its because the operator has performed badly.

Will I end up paying a fortune in legal costs

No, the maximum you will ever pay is 20% of your winnings if you win. If you lose you will pay nothing.

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The Best Solicitor for Botox Injury Claims…

It is fair to say that the beauty treatment industry has undergone massive growth in the last 15 years with an annual turnover of close to £7 billion in the UK as declared income. It is important to note that much of this income is generated from practitioners who have no qualifications and no or little experience in the industry.  The situation is generally  improving towards regulating beauty therapists, beauty treatment establishments and businesses. However, it is also the case that there remains little in the way of a structure for that regulation or complaint. Many victims of bad treatment are therefore lost in the maze of what to do and often this leads to them trying to complain to the treatment centre often without any back up or real understanding of what they are entitled to. 

If you have been injured as a consequence of a treatment you could be entitled to bring a compensation claim. A solicitor will write to the clinic and get confirmation of the technical aspects of the claim, they will set out the complaint and ask for a preliminary disclosure of pertinent information such as the insurance company for the clinic and the status of the person performing the treatments. The clinic may at this stage make an early admission of breach of duty. 

The key to a successful Botox claim is to bring in a Solicitor as early as possible.

Funding a Botox Injury Claim

Our Solicitor Members have a unique agreement, it is honestly the simplest and best deal we think that there is in the legal marketplace.

  • Free Chat with a Fully Qualified Botox injury Claim Solicitor
  • Free Advice Session Regarding your Options
  • Free Botox injury Claims Viability Assessment
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Which is the Safest Botox Clinic?

We are all probably conscious of the fact that training for Botox use is best left to medical practitioners. Do not be fooled by these Botox clinics that are popping up all over the UK. These are not medical centres, no matter how much they look like it. This often comes as a real shock to the paying customer who was often led to believe that they were in the hands of medical professionals.

It is common in these places for no risk assessments to be completed, no warnings given to the recipient, no pre-treatment health checks no precautions and often no real attempt at hygiene. So is there anything you can do to root out these inferior providers before having any treatment? After all better not to have the treatment than to have to make a Botox Claim, well:

Do not pay any attention to reviews from previous clients. These are useful only sometimes. Often the treatment will go well and in such circumstances the clients are often given incentives for a “good review” – when things dont go so well guess what those incentives do not appear.

Ask about risks, if they do not want to talk about it, or dismiss it without any discussion. Walk away. A real pro will always want to talk about risk. It helps them if you want to discuss it.

Ask to see the insurance that covers this work. If they dont have it or are shy about showing it – walk away. Do not risk not being able to get the money to put things right.

Always pay by credit card, never debit or cash or transfer. Credit companies can reimburse you suffer fraud and the people who set up fake or uninsured businesses are often the same people who will do credit card fraud or identity theft. The credit card company will take the knock for you but if you lose the contents of your bank. Its nobody’s fault but yours.

Botox Injury Claim Solicitor No Win No Fee.
Mr Graham G Balmforth, LLB, Dipfms, Msc (F.Med) Solicitor Advocate
Mr Graham G Balmforth, LLB, Dipfms, Msc (F.Med) Solicitor Advocate

A Dual Qualified Solicitor and Barrister, Mr Balmforth has a background in litigation and advocacy surrounding complex facial injury – including those actions involving surgical and dental error as well as catastrophic facial accidents and cosmetic injuries.

One Final Thing!

We would suggest that if you are contemplating instructing a Solicitor but you are a bit concerned about calling or emailing – for whatever reason, then write down every particular about what has happened to you. Put down dates and times and names of people involved. Then months from now when you change your mind and do contact a Solicitor – you will have the details. Many claims are never brought because the patients simply forget the details and are too embarrased to contact a lawyer to discuss. Get them on paper and if you never use them no harm done.

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