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6 Reasons to register at a NHS Dentist

1. You already pay for it. It will come as no surprise to many to hear this but with the launch of the NHS in 1948 Dental care was, for the first time, free at the point of use. That is not state that it is now or ever was “free”, ultimately we pay for the NHS dental services in our National Insurance Contributions. Regardless of whether you use Nhs dentistry or not then, you are subsidising those that do. The reason for dentistry being included in the NHS menu of services back then was largely due to the factContinue reading “6 Reasons to register at a NHS Dentist”

NHS Complaints and Pals Advice

How to Complain to the NHS. Introduction to NHS Complaints 1. The need for a Complaints Service. There is perhaps no surprise in the fact that the NHS pours millions of pounds into its complaint process. There is a whole industry of “quality managers” – “resolution workers” – Complaints officers and other such titles. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses but overall, they have just one aim, to reduce patient complaints. The NHS is a huge organisation and has more high level interactions with its patients than any other organisation on earth. Few people can properly comprehend theContinue reading “NHS Complaints and Pals Advice”

Pain (Chronic) Management

What is Pain? Firstly the word “pain” describes that condition of disorder that brings about discomfort or uncomfortable sensations within the body. It flows from the activation of the nervous system usually in response to an external forces. It has a range of intensity. Generally individuals will recognise this pain on a spectrum that runs from irritating or annoying through to debilitating. There are a range of explanations for its effects but none of them will cover every type of pains manifestation. This is partly because of the variance of its intensity but also partly due to the individual organismsContinue reading “Pain (Chronic) Management”

Antibiotic Immunity, do you really need those pills?

The First and Most Important thing to understand is the difference between bacterial infection and a virus. Antibiotics will only work for bacterial infections – so if that sore throat is the result of a virus, no antibiotic will be any good. But just what is the difference and how on earth do you know. The truth is that there is very little hope for you determining this for yourself and in most cases by the time you have had a blood test to determine the difference the disease has been mopped up by your immune system anyway. But justContinue reading “Antibiotic Immunity, do you really need those pills?”

Do I have a right to second opinion?

Your Right to General Practitioner Referrals and Second Opinions GP Surgery Registration. Everyone in the UK (not just England) has the right to register with a GP surgery and you may pick any surgery as long as you live in the catchment area. This is true even if you are not a UK citizen (in fact even if you intend to stay less than 3 months). A GP also has some rights not to accept you onto the list of patients, however, these exceptions are very exceptional; if the GP can demonstrate that the practice register is full, or thatContinue reading “Do I have a right to second opinion?”

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