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6 Things You Did Not Know About Breast Augmentation Surgery

Although breast augmentation is one of the most popular surgeries in the UK, there’s still considerable confusion about type of breast implants, including what size is the most appropriate and how often replacement is due, if at all. Here are a few common facts most people do not know about breast implants. You May not need to replace them… Generally, it is true that breast implants…

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6 Reasons to register at a NHS Dentist

1. You already pay for it. It will come as no surprise to many to hear this but with the launch of the NHS in 1948 Dental care was, for the first time, free at the point of use. That is not state that it is now or ever was “free”, ultimately we pay for the NHS dental services in our National Insurance Contributions. Regardless of…

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Pain (Chronic) Management

What is Pain? Firstly the word “pain” describes that condition of disorder that brings about discomfort or uncomfortable sensations within the body. It flows from the activation of the nervous system usually in response to an external forces. It has a range of intensity. Generally individuals will recognise this pain on a spectrum that runs from irritating or annoying through to debilitating. There are a range…

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A Guide To Dental Infection and Abscess

Your mouth is of course a portal to the inside of your body, it is however, in spite of this, a relatively strong safeguard against infection. Your mouth and teeth are bathed in a constant wash of saliva which is strong enough to trap and deal with most incoming infections and rarely does invading bacteria that is breathed in manage to get hold of your teeth…

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Zopiclone Addiction and Consequent Litigation

By Graham Balmforth, LLB, DipFMS (Glasgow) M.Sc. Solicitor Advocate. It has recently been my privilege to deal with a Clinical Negligence action on behalf of a woman of substantial character, who has, in early middle age, suffered an enforced and difficult withdrawal from the drug Zopiclone. The process of that withdrawal for her has been long, complex and filled with emotional distress and physical discomfort. She…

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Do Not Resuscitate Orders

Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) will be administered to patients in cardiac or respiratory arrest for the purpose of prolonging their life. Its simply that, to prolong life while other options are considered – or more likely attempted to correct an underlying cardio pulmonary fault. CPR can encompass often violent chest compression’s which can cause bruising and even fracture of ribs. The treatment also includes attempts to ventilate…

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Graham G Balmforth

My name is Graham Balmforth and I am the administrator for the Medical Panel that is present on the web as Law-Med. Why do this? As a Specialist Panel Medical Solicitor I have been active in medical negligence and medical indemnity litigation for over 15 years. In that time I have seen a massive increase in the amount of Personal Injury Solicitors pretending to be medical…

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About Me

Hello, I’m Graham. Previously a Soldier with both the Royal Artillery and latterly the Military Intelligence Corps, I left the armed services and became a Barrister in 1998 working as an independant advocate and then a Solicitor Advocate in 2012. I joined the Specialist Law Society Medical Panel soon thereafter and have subsequently obtained post graduate qualifications in forensic medicine. I am an advisor to the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh and also serve as a Dental Counsel Member. I have been a Freelance Solicitor Advocate since 2019. I spend most of my time now in Surgical and Clinical negligence claims especially those involving complex surgical facial injuries that have impacted the senses. This blog though allows me to share research and articles of interest. If you want to contribute or you want to discuss any article feel free to drop me a line on

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