We, at the Medical Panel are an unincorporated association. Our members are Solicitors who, in order to qualify for membership, are full registered and accredited members of the Law Society of England and Wales Specialist Clinical Negligence Panel. In addition our Solicitor members have to commit to very high standards of continuing professional development in both Law and Medicine and they have to maintain the highest possible standards of client care.

You will find many Solicitors who claim to be specialists, you will also find though, very few of them have recognised panel qualifications or who genuinely have the experience and knowledge to understand and manage the sometimes complex cases that medical law can be subject to.

The Law Med Panel has been set up specifically so that these Medical Solicitors, many of whom are independent practice or own their own businesses can be contacted direct by patients or former patients who feel that there has been medical negligence in their care.

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The Law Med Medical Panel is an unincorporated association its members are clinical negligence accredited specialists.

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