We, at the Medical Panel are an unincorporated association. Our members are Solicitors who, in order to qualify for membership, are full registered and accredited members of the Law Society of England and Wales Specialist Clinical Negligence Panel. In addition our Solicitor members have to commit to very high standards of continuing professional development in both Law and Medicine and they have to maintain the highest possible standards of client care.

You will find many Solicitors who claim to be specialists, you will also find though, very few of them have recognised panel qualifications or who genuinely have the experience and knowledge to understand and manage the sometimes complex cases that medical law can be subject to.

The Law Med Panel has been set up specifically so that these Medical Solicitors, many of whom are independent practice or own their own businesses can be contacted direct by patients or former patients who feel that there has been medical negligence in their care.

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Worried About legal charges or hidden clauses?

We know that there are plenty of law firms in the uk who are only interested in the money that your instruction can bring. They see every claim as an opportunity for profit and they see every customer as a means of achieving that profit.

These claims based law firms are not new. They have only one aim and only one focus, frequently they have no real expertise of their own they are essentially claims processors.

Ultimately, such firms fail, however there is no doubt that they do a lot of damage to the reputation of real expert lawyers and real specialists. That is why the Law Society set up the specialist accreditation panels. These panels are only populated by Solicitors and other lawyers who have proven technical skills and long standing experience. They are real experts and it is no surprise that they are typically more successful and more targeted in their approach to instructions. They will typically only take an instruction from the public if they believe that there is a realistic prospect of success. They base this on years of experience of similar actions. They will therefore offer the public the best deal in terms of funding. They can do this as they are typically trusted by insurers and litigation funders alike. They are the professional core of any complex litigation and they are the best choice for your clinical action.

How Long Will A Claim Take?

It is no easy thing for anyone to state at the outset how long any claim will take. So much depends on the other side. If a Defendant wishes to defend a claim, rather than admit, there is going to be a long drawn out procedure. It is possible for a complex clinical claim to conclude very quickly. Our members report that some actions can be concluded within 6 months. However, it is fair to say that concluded actions of of under 12 months are still very rare. The majority of clinical / medical / surgical and dental actions will require both sides to have expert evidence. Such evidence is practically difficult to obtain quickly. More often than not a claim of 12 – 18 months is the more likely scenario with litigated (court) actions taking from 18 months onward to complete. Do not be fooled by any law firm who promises a quick resolution. In clinical claims fast resolutions really are rare.

if you need to discuss any aspect of your treatment or the way in which you feel the negligence needs to be assessed then by all means get in contact and one of our members will take you through the typical process of a claim and what the various stages represent to you and to them. There are no time limits on such a consultation and it is not a “sales” call – feel free go ahead and call or email.

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The Law Med Medical Panel is an unincorporated association its members are clinical negligence accredited specialists.

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