Graham G Balmforth

My name is Graham Balmforth and I am the administrator for the Medical Panel that is present on the web as Law-Med.

Why do this?

  • As a Specialist Panel Medical Solicitor I have been active in medical negligence and medical indemnity litigation for over 15 years. In that time I have seen a massive increase in the amount of Personal Injury Solicitors pretending to be medical law specialists. I have spent much of my professional career trying to put right the mistakes that they have made on medical and surgical claims and trying to deliver the result that they missed.
  • Also because, frankly, having a blog means I can pontificate on subjects that I love.

The likely beneficieries of my work are going to be other medical lawyers, students and clinicians.

Feel free to browse my articles and if you feel that there is something you want to read more of or if you have an idea for an article just let me know and I will do my very best to comply…

Oh, if you wish to you can always write an article for me and I will pop it up on here for the whole world to ignore see, see!

Graham Gregory Balmforth LLB (Hons), DipFMS, Msc (F.Med). Solicitor and High Court Advocate.

Published by Orange Law

A UK based Solicitor Advocate and Clinical - Dental - Surgical Specialist Outsourcing Legal Service.

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